Dear DATAPLUSS RED Customers:

  For us it is expensive for our staff to maintain 24x7x365 due not to the lack of engineers but to the high demand that many and thousands of server clients are presented to them in their services. Having many shifts with passion, will and professionalism and to maintain said quality standard and assign to each instance the necessary, timely and dedicated attention is that at the point LETTER (M) We have added the following values: 10 usd per event and 15 usd Monthly for all events. This small charge is SURE IT IS to cover OPERATIONAL EXPENSES AND LOGISTIC DEPLOYMENT.

   However, they have been offered a free ticket offering this is NOT SUSTAINABLE FOR OUR LOGISTICS AND DEPLOYMENT OPERATIBILITY.


"We hope to have your understanding and improve our Platforms to you and your Business."

DataPluss and ServerNet Inc. Published today in Site Announcements at 01.00 am (gmt-4) Local Time in Chile.-


Greet you

Macarena G.

USA / CL 2010-2019 Dedicated Account Management

Sábado, Augosto 10, 2019

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